Title: "Gina, at the beach, 1925"

Size: 14" x 24.5" x 14" including black steel stand.  11"x 23" x 3" - Cast glass, weight approx. 50lbs.

Method: Kiln-carved & kiln-cast with cane, pre-fired glass & copper inclusions, a 4" beveled boarder, and sandblasted surface imagery.  The image is a drawing taken from a photograph rendered in high fired enamels, backed with copper sheet and colored with frits & powders.  The flowers above the figure are made of twisted cane and carved leaf boarder was created through kiln carving.  The beveled boarder has been sand-carved with delicate tendrils of sea weed.

Inspiration: "Gina" was created to honor a special client.  I saw her life experiences as living illustrations of our local history.  In October, 1925 Gina and her family left the heat of Lakeside to travel to "Tent city" in Coronado, and cool off by the sea (image drawn with permission, from a family photo.)  She was a native San Diegan and a fabulous gardener.  Her house, in Kate Sessions' backyard, bloomed with every kind of garden imaginable.  A client of mine for 20 years, she was always full of enthusiasm.

Side Detail: