Title: "Loss ...between seasons-reflections on a photograph by Diane Deaton-Street"

Size: 15.5" x 36" x 15.5" including black powder coated steel stand
11" x 34" x 2", Cast glass, weight approx. 50lbs.

Method: Kiln-Carved & kiln-cast with pre-fired vitro graph (extruded hot glass) drawings and frit shading.

Inspiration: I have been using this house format for several years - it is an instant symbol that I am dealing with personal issues. In recent years I have lost many friends and relatives. The experience always affects me emotionally. This piece projects a profound sense of loss. The bare limbs of the trees over the grid become a memory - trees reflected in the polished windows of the sky-scraper that has replaced them. The sculpture is a reliquary of my loss.

Detail: Side