Title: "Masked"

Size: 24" x 66" x 24" including pedestal with locking castors & steel stand
18" x 36" x 18" including black powder coated steel stand
17" x 33.5" x 4" - Cast glass, weight approx. 125 lbs.

Method: Kiln-cast with inclusions & cold worked front and back surfaces with a polished edge and concave face (polishing by Dan Woodward).  The size of the concave polished face is 10' wide x 16" long x 4" wide x 1.5" deep.   The inclusions are all hand made by the artist during he residency at Uroboros Glass Studio:  Hot rolled sheet glass with finger painted frit drawing, barbed wire and copper mesh, red glass hand and enameled poetry inclusions.  cold worked surface treatment called 'skidding', designed by the artist and excecuted by Zach Capitello of Woodward Studio.

Inspiration: In "Masked", I have manipulated the basic elements of glass, transparency, reflection & opacity, by texturing and polishing different surfaces of the sculpture to focus the viewer's attention into the aperture created by the polished concave face.  At eye level, the massive shield-like form appears formidable, because of the opacity of the cold worked surface yet, when you look into the piece, the inclusions tell a very different story, revealing a vulnerable inner self.  The "Mask" sculpture mirrors the hard outer shell that most of us present to the world to protect our sensitive interiors.

Another View: