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San Diego, CA  92107

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Cathy Coverley



I’m attracted to the sensuousness of glass.  How it responds to light and how we  respond to  it.  I’m intrigued by the ability of glass to alter what is seen by the viewer.      It can reveal or opacify whatever it contains.  I feel this material is uniquely suited to create stories which reflect our experiences.  I want the viewer to connect my interpretation of an event with their own experience, be it joyful exuberance or evasion of painful memories.

This series of 6 kilncast sculptures were created during a 2 week residency at Uroboros Glass Studios.  I was inspired by the concept of Reliquiae, expanding the definition to honor our
memories of the loved ones we have lost.  In these pieces I have created a collage of images with copper inclusions and pre-cast elements to capture a chronology of time, emotion and experience remembering loss.


1974–2007                           Phoenix Glass                            San Diego, CA

Architectural Stained Glass

·         Unique designs, Original ideas, Elegant creations.

·         Residential, Commercial, and Liturgical

·         Beveled, Carved Lead, Cast, Sandblasted, and Stained glass.




Kilnformed Glass Sculpture

·         Fused & Cast Glass Sculpture

·         Channeling light through 4” of interrelated images in glass.

·         Pate de Verre – Micro-mosic frit casting. 

·         Murrini – incorporation of hand-made murrini into cast or blown work.

·         Slumped Bodywerks – Nude Studies.

·         Kilncast Glass Sculptures- Architecture of Dreams Series.

·         Kilncasting from a clay positive- Hands Series and Perfume Fantastique’ Series




Yes! Glass!!

·         Triangular shaped dinnerware sets in solid glass!

·         Multi-colored sets in: red, marigold, cobalt, black, lime, purple.

·         Available in three sizes:  8” Dessert, 10” Dinner, & 13” Serving Plates.

·         Not Microwaveable / Dishwasher safe on low temperature.







1972, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA

·         B.A., Crafts, 3 Area Emphasis:  Metals, Clay, Weaving.

·         Pilchuck, WA 1981, Painting with Albinus Elskus.

·         Vera Cruz, Mexico 1982, Design with Narcisus Quagliata.

·         Cal State, San Luis Obispo, 1994, Casting with David Ruth.

·         Bullseye Glass, OR, 1998, Painting with Light, Ted Sawyer.

·         Bullseye Glass, OR, 1999, Pate de Verre with Judith Bohm-Parr.

·         Corning, NY, 1999, Australian Roll-Up with Scott Chasling & Kirstie Rea.

·         Uroboros Glass, OR, 2000, Gerry Newcombe Casting with Billets

·         AGASC, CA, 2000, Wildlife Workshop with Kathleen Sheard

·         AGASC, CA, 2000, Workshop with Roger Thomas

·         AGASC, CA, 2001,  Frit Casting workshop with Kathleen Sheard

·         Uroboros Glass, 2001, T.A. for Gerry Newcomb, Architectural Glass Casting

·         Corning, NY, 2002, T. A. for Gerry Newcomb, Architectural Glass Casting

·         Tacoma Museum of Glass, 2003, Hot Casting with Bertile Vallien

·         Portland OR, 2003, Casting with Linda Ethier










Professional Affiliates




1974-Present, Custom Glass Design and Fabrication, Phoenix Glass

1986-2007, Glass Fabrication Classes for Grossmont Adult Center

(90 students per semester, 3 semesters per year, Beg., Int., & Advanced)

1980-1986, Jewelry, Enameling, Crafts for Sweetwater Adult Centers

1975-1980, Stained Glass, Crafts Class for Southwestern College

1972-1974, Crafts Class for UCSD Extension

Art Glass Association of Southern California,  President 1994-1998,  Stained Glass Association of America, Glass Art Society, Urban Glass, American Crafts Council, Neus Glas, Contemporary Glass Association.

2007-March-April, Glass Art Magazine, AGA Show 2006, “Points of Convergence:  When Spirit and Glass Make Art”

2004- Summer, Stained Glass Quarterly of the Stained Glass Association of America, “Glass Intrigue, Juried Show”.

2004- May-June, Glass Art Magazine, “Showcase, Glass Intrigue, Juried Show, Cathy Coverley, Swimming on Golden Pond,1st place Kilnforming, & Perfume Fantastique’, 1st place Uroboros Award.

2003- Summer, Stained Glass Quarterly of the Stained Glass Association of America, “A Garden of Glass, Juried Show”.

2003- Creative Designing, Innovative Glass Art, by Kay Bain Weiner, Eastman Publishing.

1999- Summer, Stained Glass Quarterly of the Stained Glass Association of America,   ”      
          Extreme Glass ‘98”

Shows & Selected Commissions

2007 – “Splendor in the Glass”, Gallery 21, Spanish Village, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA, Nov. 3 – Nov. 12,“Sea Sights”, 32” x 17” x 1.625”, cast glass

2007 – “Focus On Glass”, at Escondido Arts Partnership, Escondido, CA., Nov. 1-  Dec. 1,  “Masked Emotions”, 24” x 66” x 4”, cast glass

2007 – “The Funerary Art Show”, at Sharp Gallery, San Diego, CA, Oct. 13 – Nov. 2, Cast Glass Artwork;  “Loss”, 15.5” x 36” x 2”, “I Fly When You Call”, 12” x 25.5” x 2”, “Gina”, 14” x 24.5” x 3”

2007 – Del Mar Fair Art Show, “Crow in the Clouds”, 30”x 20”x 6”, Honorable Mention.

2006 – “Points of Convergence:  When Spirit and Glass Make Art”, San Diego, CA, “Crow in the Clouds”, Kelly’s Spirit Award, and 2nd Place Uroboros Category.

2004 – “Conversations in Glass”  Gallery 21, Spanish Village, San Diego, CA, “Prisoner of Priviledge”, 1st Place Kilnformed Category, and 1st Place Uroboros Category.

2003 – Glass Intrigue!  The Art and Craft of Glass, Gallery 21, San Diego,  CA, “Perfume Fantastique’!” & “Scent of the Sea”, tied for 1st Place Uroboros Category.

“Swimming Golden Pond”, Box Casting, 8”x14”x4”, 1st Place Kilnformed Category. 

“Window on the Water”, Kilncast, 12” x 18” x 6”, Honorable Mention Kilnformed Category. 

“My Contest of Spirit:  Am I Open or Closed”, Furnace casting, 12”x10”x8.25”,
 Honorable Mention Hot Category.

2003-Del Mar Fair Art Show, “Tortuga”, 12”x9”, Fused Mosaic Frit, 1st Place Glass Division.

2003 – “Crow Calling”, Cast Glass Sculpture, Steel frame, 16”x20”x2”, Private Residence, Sebastopol, Ca.

2003 – “Growing Hands”, Cast Glass Sculpture, Steel frame, 24”x16”x 2”, Ocean Beach People’s Organic Food Coop, San Diego, Ca.

2003 – “Waves of Glass”, Leaded Glass Installation, 8.5’x 12’ Staircase, & 8’x 6.5’ Entrance,
          Private Residence, Del Mar, Ca.


2002 – A Garden of Glass, Gallery 21, San Diego, CA,  “Growing Hands”, Cast Glass Sculpture,  Steel frame,  24”x 16”,  1st Place,  Special Category.

“Green Curl”,  Stained Glass, 27”x 26”, 1st Place, Leaded Panel Category.

2002 – “Blue Bird”,  Architecture of  Dreams Series, Cast Glass, 6”x 14”, Private Collection. 

2001 – Glass Blast, Gallery 21, San Diego, CA, “Fellini Murrini”, Fused Glass Murrini Screen with Aluminum frame,  15.5” x 13”, 3rd Place Screen Category. 

“The Seer”,  Kiln Cast, 14.75”x 25.25”,  Honorable Mention Kilnformed Category.

“Babayaga’s House”, Mosiac frit casting, Steel frame with copper corbels and feet, 13”x 16”, Honorable Mention 3-D Mixed Media and Uroboros Categories. 

2000 – Circle of Glass, Gallery 21, San Diego, CA, “Stele # 3”, Kiln Cast, 3 ½”x 12”, 1st Place Kilnformed  & 1st Place Uroboros Category.

“Veni Qui”, 15 ½” Diameter, Fused, 3rd Place Cirlce Category.

“Tortuga”, 12”x 9”, Fused Mosaic Frit, 3rd Place Kilnformed Category.

1999 – “Silver Gate Yacht Club 40th Annual Wheelchair Regatta” Commemorative Window, Sandblasted & Leaded, 34”x 42”.

1999 – Spirit of Glass, Gallery 21, San Diego, CA, “Catalina Beach Shack”, Roll-Up – (fused and blown glass), 8 ½” Diameter x 4 ½”Deep, Award.

“Kumadori”, 15” Diameter, Fused and Slumped Bowl, Dichroic Noh Theatre Actor.

1998 – Xtreme Glass, Gallery 21, San Diego, CA:

“Heart In Hand”, 15” Diameter, Fused and Slumped Bowl, Dichroic Glass, Latticino, Uroboros Purchase Prize.

“Elizabeth”, 27”x 27” panel, 9 fused tiles with lead fixtures, 1st Place, Contempory Leaded Panel.

“Sunrise on the Mariposa”, 13”x 30”x 2” Fused Sculpture, 14 layers of fused glass,  Steel Stand, 

1st Place Fused Glass Division, Private Collection.

“Seto-San Secrets”, 16” Diameter Fused and Slumped Bowl, Dichroic image of geisha, stringer details, 2nd Place Fused Division.

“Tedley”, 6”x 6” x1” Glass tile, 8 layers of fused glass images, 2nd Place Tile Division.

1997 – Del Mar Fair Art Show, “Thermals”, 18”x 42” Fused & Leaded Glass Panel, 1st Place Glass Division, & Best of Show.

1995- AGA Glass Show, Designer’s Showroom, Del Mar, CA, “Creation”, 3.5’x6.5’, Stained and Leaded Panel, 1st Place Leaded Division.

1983-1993- Stained Glass Environments for the Designer’s Showcase Houses.