Title: "Sea Sights"

Size: 32" Diameter x 17" Tall including 5 legged blue powder coated steel base
32" Diameter x 1.625 Thick Cast glass table top, wight approx. 80lbs.

Method: Kiln-carved & frit-cast table top with copper, cane, murrini & other pre-fired inclusions.  The center of the table has a diamond grid in relief mirroring the surface texture on the water.  There's a copper whale & octopus, strip-fired sea snakes & stringer coral reefs, and several schools of murrini fish.   The 5 legged table base mimics the curve of the swells on the sea.


Inspiration: "Sea Sights" is a record of sights and ocean experiences.  We spend a lot of time on the water in our sailboat.  On log trips, we encounter a lot of sea life.  I like to draw the clouds at sunrise and photograph the changing textures on the surface of the water.  Last year, I made a drawing of our boat on the ocean, as it appears when you are aboard, looking out, on "watch."  From the boat, you see the horizon as a circle all around you, as if you were in the center of a large bowl of ocean with little boats going by off in the distance.   You are always the center of your universe on the sea.